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3 yoga postures to release your back

When I have pain in the back, I practice these 3 postures in the morning to relieve my spine. On a mat or on a loincloth, 3 simple and fast gestures that helps take care of oneself. Pashimottânâsana Reach the final position smoothly and without brusqueness, do not store it for more than 3 minutes. At first you will only hold it for a few seconds and maybe you will not touch your feet. Be indulgent with yourself! With time, you will succeed! The posture stretches the shoulders, softens the spine and relieves the lumbar. It facilitates digestion and stimulates the ovaries and uterus. It can help relieve the pain of menstrual periods or symptoms. Do not practice laying if you have sciatica !!! Sitting on the floor, legs against each other lying in front of you. Stretch the soles of the feet. Palms flat on the floor next to the hips, fingers forward, push on the arms to raise the chest, face and eyes relaxed. Straighten the rib cage. Pull the navel towards it …

Summer transition look

I was surprised by a cold air this morning … F ****! Once passed the desire to roll in my blanket I decided to return to my basics to regain morale, I mean FASHION ! It’s time for the transition! The transition from short sleeves to longer sleeves … After burning my eyes on my Samsung screen to find inspiration, I literally kneeled before the style of Sylvie (I’m also Congolese, I have a certain sense of drama when it comes to clothes)! The shirt, jeans, these mules, this vintage shopping bag I find everything is perfect in this non effortless chic outfit for this late summer. Where can you find these beauties? A black shirt : here A jean :here   shoes : here Shopping bag : here