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How to Sselfcare with no bank breakdown?

Healthy Eating – Doing Sports – Taking care of one’s body and mind are themes that have long been on the rise. But for some time the bio, vegetarianism or veganism are more than trend without mentioning sports and philosophy like yoga, pilates and fitness. Ok, we want to, but often when you take a closer look it costs an eye to want to shop in an organic bar or to buy a subscription in a nice yoga center. We have the feeling that we do not give a damn about us, that the people behind this business put their own pockets while our people are emptying at the speed of lightning.

Not to mention the fact that good, often it makes good on your instagram a vegetal latte but often the taste is confusing or even « disgusting mom » (see my kiddos) and 4 latte for you and your kids it cost you the price of ‘a good meal at the local Mac Donald’ And there are gifts in the happy meal box eh!  » (always my kids). And your man who breaks the slab after a quinoa salad at what a thousand dollars talks about the steak fries and the quarter of wine he could have typed with an espresso to finish finds it really too stupid.

OKAY OK!! But it is proven that a healthy lifestyle warns us of many illnesses and physical disorders (goodbye endocrine disrupters that put down my hormonal system). In recent years, I have tested a lot of things to better live while controlling my budget from a family of 5 to the average standard of living. What I have chosen first is that you have to be pragmatic and then three simple tricks so you do not find yourself making too many compromises between your health and the rest.

1. Eat local and seasonal when you can

Nothing new, a classic of its kind! Yes, but not as simple as it sounds. For example, I live in the Loire Valley and frankly in winter the fruits and vegetables available give desire to cry. Cortège of potatoes, cabbages, salads and apples and pears that is all … It really does not dream even if it is not expensive. My challenge was to discover the many varieties of tubers, cabbage and winter fruits (eg quince and squash killings) and the recipes of yesteryear customized 2017 to brighten my plates and satisfy my taste buds. It paid more than I do not want to lie, I still have to offer products off season because I sometimes die in the winter to eat tomatoes that have grown under a greenhouse and artificial lights.

2. Go to the simplest

For food and sport you can quickly want to consume the best that the health market offers. The products of super effective brands and super good to the packaging of hell or this course of yoga fitness given by this goddess of prof to more than 60 euros the workshop. When you can it’s really cool, when it’s not the case it’s trench warfare with his banker and his conscience. My schedule allows me to prepare the majority of my home meals and in advance. So I find myself there when I want to order me a yogurt vegan coco Coconut Cult  at $115 the 65 pots…silence…Well I’m preparing a dozen home made. For the sport, at the simplest also, cycling in the countryside and great walks. For the more intense activities I do at home, I chose to invest in very good yoga equipment like Chattra Yoga or La Vie Boheme Yoga only because it is an activity that I practice every day and many times during the day. I do not advise anyone to put a lot of money into material if you are not an absolutely a hard core fan of the sport.

3. Taking advantage of technological progress

For this internet is a blessing! With all the resources online (blogs, social networks, webzine) one can have access to a number of courses, recipes, techniques either free or really at a price that best adjusts with its budget. I am a crazy forum also to share his tips and tricks but also his difficulties. Of course the difficulty is to find the right interlocutor so it still requires quite a bit of investment in time and know a minimum what we are looking for. But it remains for me a super database to recover ideas on health. I love Black Girl in Om or 21 Ninety about the black women’s selfcare but also Food Heaven for their vegetarian guide.

It is true that this requires to readjust a lot of habits in your daily life and also, if you are a couple, that your spouse adheres to your way of life (I am vegan and he or my children are). There is a good deal of negotiation with others and the demands of your everyday life. You have to know how to adapt and let things take place step by step. It took me almost 3 years and I’m far from a  role model (when I’m on the edge I thank the industry god for inventing the frozen veggies haha!). That’s why I spoke at the beginning of pragmatism, if we keep our feet on the ground we can think peacefully about what is possible or not according to your life. And then, see how to improve it. For me it is better to do his best than nothing at all especially when it comes to your health!




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