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Finally the week end – 6 things I like

Thanks god here is the weekend! I can slow down and roll 1) in my blanket 2) molded in my sofa and scroll down web pages on my tablet. Take the time to discover the news which thrilled or  grunted social networks.

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna .  The most crazy commercial launch of the year with its surprises and drama (See the bad buzz of Sephora France – available only in french sorry…). The range seems to be super large and amazing. 46 shades … I mean heart attack, they had to tear their heads to realize this job! WELL DONE! And the packaging is just so modern … It gives a kick in the black cosmetics sector in France that really needs to be energized. With a composition eventually impeccable and 100% cruelty free, what does mom ask then? Uh just a few hours to wallow on the Fenty Beauty corner at Sephora 🙂

Since thursday New York Fashion Week is launched. Some themes are again discussed, the thinness of the models but also the representativeness especially of black models. It reminded me a TEDxTALK conference led by Ebonee Davis TedxTalk visibility of black women in fashion industry. A powerful message.

Among the new faces of diversity, I had a crush for this beauty Nicole Sadiee. I am pretty sure her name will be on top soon <3

I discovered a fantastic artist via Instagram, Tanda Francis , New York sculptor. She is best known for her statue made in homage to Notorius B.I.G. I look forward to discover her work with my own eyes, there is something universal in her work.

I have always had a complicated relationship with the image of Solange. I was certainly wary of the side I am known because I am the girl, the sister … We know the song you have nothing to propose besides a network of madness for those who produce you next next please. How wrong! Interactive piece  she realized for the Tate Museum Gallery in London on black identity is deep, fair and highly sought after. I am convinced, this weekend I will discover his latest album that I had snubbed.

To finish this weekend, I will give myself 15 minutes to meditate on my yoga mat or my bed. I leave you the vidéo d’Ariane (in french) to discover this method of relaxation which helps so much to welcome more serenely the good and bad moments of his life.


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