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My girl boss life or 2 years in jogging

Last week I suddenly realized that it had been 2 years since I left my position as Distribution Specialist in a big cosmetics company. 2 years to put everything I had in returning at university , educating my children, my couple then creating my company. F*** 2 years ?! I feel as if I have entered a temporal vortex you know  these in bad science fiction series, my ship is in full turbulence it trembles everywhere but I am the Captain in her seat in the center of this mess I have fears but I tell the team that I will do it, just trigger the only reactor that works. LOL of the extreme (my daughter if you read me forgive this access of jeunism).

So this morning, finally in this dawn because it is 5.00 actually there! So this morning I decided to slow down a little, to step back. 2 years?! What do I understand from these 2 years, to be a beginner entrepreneur? Let me tell you in 6 points:


The emotional lift

What I like is To Do List, planned over the long term. It reassures me like being in a warm blanket on a Sunday morning when freezing outside. Well this feeling of comfort, I have forgotten it since I am my very own boss! NOT A WEEK LOOKS LIKE !!!

My agenda of the day can change in a fraction of a second according to the priorities of the day. Like this time when I had a sale planned in Paris and the day before the carrier did not deliver at all (Noise of glasses that shatter in my head) … Leave everything in plan to get the products in a logistics center at the bottom half of the Paris region… Discover that half the products are broken the other half can’t be sold because the heat wave eh, the heat evaporated the creams (tears) … Back to take care of the children but the fridge is empty because 1) you did not go to grocery because  you managed a crisis 2) you did not think to call your man because you managed a crisis (yes I repeat myself). The adrenaline rises are numerous but at the end after 2 years, I take life as it comes … I BECAME BUDDHA (LOL!)


This can kill your glamorous potential

When I was working in Corporate environnement, I was wallowing in my closet, regularly replenished, happy to exploit the potential of my dressing room and my fashionista skills. The open space was like a podium, style, style and style again! That was before!!

In the last 2 years I spent most of the time  in my makeshift office, my living room, preparing a dissertation for my studies then business plans with their estimates. I was so in it that taking a shower seemed to be my most glamorous act of the day. I needed MAXIMUM comfort, jogging or legging and a scarf on my head and I was well … I have recently more me timeand rediscovered that there are other clothes than legging . Frankly, I never thought I’d say it but let go of my jogging is hard, it’s a real drug!


Meetings of the third type

Hilary Clinton said that it takes a whole village to raise a child and it’s the same thing to start a business. You have to get in touch with so many people to build your project. Agents of public organizations, bankers, real estate agents, project promoters, members of your professional network pro… To have a business project can awaken things buried among these interlocutors which swing them to you. There were days when I cried for a long time after I was told that I had better things to do than being  an entrepreneur. With 3 young children and that good path (meaning your african origins) I had already done beautiful things so no need to develop other ambitions.

This moment I got angry with a banker who explained to me that he did not want to finance my project not because it did not make sense but I was ambitious … Silence … Silence …

But above all there have been all these times  I met amazing people who gave me confidence to carry out my project, here in my village, in France and abroad. My family and my friends who find me crazy but support me daily to go to the end of my dream.


Avoid burn out

Before I had work schedules,the balance personal and professional life was sometimes difficult to find but once I got out of the office I could forget my job. In the past 2 years, I have been left with my project. I thought about it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I did not set any schedule because I liked no I loved what I was doing … BIG MISTAKE! On the first weekend I had with my man, I just slept 2 days then I took a week to get over it because once relaxed my body and my head just refused to restart. I understand that taking care of myself is a key priority !!! I still work on it but I think I’m on the right track 🙂


Healthy Eating is a Challenge

With my diary, my schedules and everything to my happiness to be my boss, I ate either what came to hand here and there or nothing at all or anything in large quantities at once … The result? I was tired, my skin and hair not at the top but also an important weight gain. I repeat it but taking time for selfcare is a key priority !! I discovered a great blogger Lee who gives plenty of trips to organize your fridge and plan, prepare weekly meals. I really like what she does and her work on mental health and physical health inspires me enormously.


Looking back at the mirror and love what I see

2 years to work as hell! Oh yes really! I do not want to get into the idealization of entrepreneurship. But at the end of these 2 years, I also see everything that has been done and I am really but really happy and proud of me. Black Vegan Beauty exists and its community is growing day by day! I work with beautiful partners who share my values ​​and my vision of the company, which is huge when I think of the frustration I had in a corporate company. And I discovered the joy of living in jogging and legging, sorry fashion police but not sorry!

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