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Summer transition look

I was surprised by a cold air this morning … F ****! Once passed the desire to roll in my blanket I decided to return to my basics to regain morale, I mean FASHION !

It’s time for the transition! The transition from short sleeves to longer sleeves … After burning my eyes on my Samsung screen to find inspiration, I literally kneeled before the style of Sylvie (I’m also Congolese, I have a certain sense of drama when it comes to clothes)! The shirt, jeans, these mules, this vintage shopping bag I find everything is perfect in this non effortless chic outfit for this late summer.

Where can you find these beauties?

A black shirt : here

A jean :here


shoes : here

Shopping bag : here

2 commentaires

  1. Looooove this!! Her style is always so good but Sylvie is not Congolese she is from Rwanda:)

    • Marina dit

      She is soo stylish! My english is really bad, I meant I was congoleses that is why fashion is a drama for me 🙂

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