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A beautiful new day


I have always been interested by health and sport but due to a low self esteem, I never felt strong enough to embrace a whole change. I spent a lot of time to self destruct my body and my mind, you know the super cocktail toxic friends, love and food. I woke up one day and decided to change but it has been a very long process to love myself enough to start this life modification.

Since the beginning of this week, I started this long journey to become who I am. I adopted a vegan food, defined a fitness program and the first results are so encouraging. I lost 1 kilos, I sleep really well and I am full of energy. During this week, I discovered a community via instagram who support me and give good advices. That is how I had the idea, maybe crazy, to have a space a kind of digital diary where I will share this travel.I do not know would have a echoe somewhere but this a my little contribution for this movement which helps people to feel better and love themself.

See you very soon.



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