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Earthlove Box

Earthlove Cruelty-Free and Eco-Friendly Subscripiton Box

earthlove subscription box

Earthlove is an eco-friendly subscription box that helps you transition to a sustainable lifestyle. The box helps support non-profit organizations that are committed to improving our environment. It includes eco-conscious products created by ethical brands. 

  • Ships from: US
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Subscription: quarterly
  • Price: $59.95
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What’s in the Earthlove box?

You will receive the following eco-friendly items in each box:

  • 6-8 full-sized, eco-friendly products + one book
  • Items like: tea, healthy snacks, beauty, skincare, wellness, home decor, apparel, accessories, plastic-free swaps, and more
  • A guide with tips and that seasons eco-challenge
  • Options to choose vegan or mostly vegan, ‘Beegan’ box

How much does Earthlove cost?

Earthlove box is a seasonal subscription that is billed quarterly. The box is shipped in March, June, September, and December. You can pay monthly or pre-pay for an entire year. 

  • $59.95 per quarter
  • $239.98 per year

Your subscription box is shipped within 10 days of you signing up, except during the pre-order phase. 

How much is shipping?

Earthlove ships from the US to countries all over the world. So shipping costs will vary depending on where you live. 

  • $4.95 US
  • $20.00 Canada
  • $35.00 Rest of World

Do you have Earthlove promo codes or coupons?

Yes, Earthlove has a few promotions and coupons available.

How do I cancel Earthlove?

The subscriptions are billed quarterly on the 1st of March, June, September, and December. If you no longer want to receive the Earthlove box just cancel before your next quarterly billing date. You can check out Earthlove’s FAQ section for more information.

Get the Earthlove Box

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earthlove subscription box

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